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Brainpower World (Beijing) Network TechnologyFoundation

Meeting with the director of China’s ministry of industry and information technology

Founded in 2015, Brainpower World (Beijing) Network Technology co., LTD .(BWNT)is committed to the cross-border, cross-boundary and cross-boundary exchanges and cooperation between China’s conference industry and exhibition industry. As the first of China’s exhibition industry resources integration platform,  BWNT will be the first company to use O2O business model in the bureau to overturn the marketing mode of traditional exhibition industry. Online platform to the Internet and mobile e-commerce platform as the carrier, BWNT exclusively launched digital exhibition with convenience and efficiency, and focused on industry, resource supply and demand of the middle and lower reaches, cooperation information, background SCRM system grab customer individuality demand, intelligent matching resources database, vertical push meet demand and the formation of display, transmission, exchange and docking, transactions, payments, and other functions in an online window. Offline platform for China’s convention and exhibition industry alliance integration promote the entity, China’s exhibition industry development peak BBS for banner, docking cooperation project team to ensure, fellowship activities as a link, resource demutualization business model as the leading form cooperation and docking platform for the implementation of security. Lineup of linkage makes a great contribution to improve the overall level of China’s convention and exhibition industry, specifications, size, content, form the core elements of the integration of resources, such as deployment, reuse of China’s social development and progress.


Relation With Africa

In 2016 , Brainpower World (Beijing) Network Technology co., LTD .(BWNT)began to service the African government, Africa’s economy, African enterprises, and the healthy and harmonious development of Africa for the purpose of the China-Africa cross-border electricity supply chain integrated service platform (hereinafter referred to as: the central African supply chain platform). Platform based on the international logistics resources and experience to supply chain + Internet as the core competitiveness, is committed to provide Chinese enterprises entered the African procurement information, online trade docking, the central African the entire logistics (including overseas warehousing and distribution business), trade, hosting, mice tourism, business investigation, market research, consulting, training and other integration solutions, at the same time supporting the supply chain finance, overseas investment, and other series of value-added services, to the central African optimal total cross-border electricity supply chain integrated service platform.


The Team

The core team of the company is composed of industry veterans. CEO by former UN NGO members to act as vice chairman of China’s institutions. CTO team is composed by senior executive who formerly worked for the operation system developer of the Beijing Olympic Games. The CFO is hold by Zhongtong Yintai investment executive in Hong Kong. CMO is held by senior media executives from Xin Hua Net. COO is hold by exhibition sector executives from well-known central enterprises.